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This page shows FAQs of PaaS.
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What is the effect on the service when updating the application with vmc update.

The service stops until restart. For the method to update the application without service stop, refer to the “PaaS Operational Manual”.

What is the load balancing method when operating on multiple instances?

Allocated by round robin. When using the parameter name “jsessionid” to manage the sessions, cookie (insert mode) automatically performs sticky.

Is WebSocket available?

No. You cannot use the application which continues the connection like WebSocket currently. We will support WebSocket in future.

Is the local disk available?

The local disk available is a volatile disk. Data on the local disk disappears by restarting the instance. If you write permanent data, use the disk of Object Storage, RDB or Compute.

Can the application listen on the unique port?

No, the application cannot listen on the unique port.

Can you add the desired library to the frameworks or languages supported by Cloudn PaaS?

Make a request to our support with tickets. We will discuss if it is added or not.

Can you add the desired library to the frameworks or languages supported by Cloudn PaaS?

Make a request to our support with tickets. We will discuss if it is added or not.

Is the application “Caldecott” charged created when using vmc tunnel?

No. The application “Caldecott” created when using vmc tunnel (64MB memory, 1 instance) is not charged. * However note that when you change the memory or the number of instances, they will be charged.

About obtaining the application logs before July 3, 2013.

 The application logs before July 3, 2013 cannot be referred from the PaaS console.
 We send the logs to the customer who needs them by E-mail. Create the request ticket including following contents on the support portal.

  • Target service: Cloudn PaaS
  • Title: Request to obtain application logs before July 3, 2013
  • Text: Application name (Enter the target applications name)

I want to set the application log monitoring.

When monitoring logs output by your application and detecting the specified keyword, you can set to send the E-mail notification to you.

 * There is an additional cost involved with that.
 * Since September 12, 2013, you can set it on the PaaS console.
 For more details, refer to the “PaaS Operational Manual” via the following site:

What is Cloudn PaaS?

The service which provides the environment for running applications including networks, OS, and middleware such as application server.

PaaS as a general term may be collectively called the platform which runs software including Relational Database or Message Queue broadly.
As our service name, it shows the environment for running applications.

What is the benefit when using Cloudn PaaS?

(1) This liberates the customer from NW, OS, middleware establishment and maintenance operation and allows the customer to focus on the application development or maintenance.
(2) The customer can scale out easily after starting the operation. Therefore the sizing plan is unnecessary and small start is possible.

What is the characteristic of Cloudn PaaS?

(1) There is nothing to worry about vendor lock-in because it uses the open source Cloud Foundry and can develop the applications with popular languages (Java, Ruby, etc.).
(2) It can connect to other Cloudn services (Compute, RDB, etc.) at high speed (at low latency)
(3) Charging system which allows to plan the costs in advance due to no traffic charging and cap system (monthly upper limit).

Can I use the mail server?

No, Cloudn PaaS provides no E-mail function. We recommend you to use our service “Biz mail” or to establish the function on the Cloudn Compute by yourself.

Is it started on the different DEA when operating it on multiple instances?

Currently Cloud Foundry does not provide any system to warrant that it starts on the different DEA. We employ the unique system to deploy it on the same DEA hardly, which does not warrant this.

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